Who can benefit from the Emotion Code?

The emotion code is suitable not only for adults, but also for children and even babies. The method is particularly gentle, because negative experiences or blocks do not have to be worked through in conversations, but can be released through the subconscious mind. Therefore, it is also possible to work for people who are in a coma.

Even animals can be treated with the emotion code. Animals feel emotions just like we do and these emotions can also become trapped. This can cause psychological or physical complaints and behavioural problems. Just like in humans, these imbalances can be released with the Emotion Code.

Can I heal through the Emotion Code?

The healing does not happen through the Emotion Code itself. By removing emotions and other imbalances from our body, we strengthen its self-healing powers. Therefore I cannot make any healing promises.

How quickly does the method help me?

Every person and every illness is different. Some feel an immediate improvement, others need several sessions for this. Sometimes the body releases certain things only after one or more treatments. You can compare this to an onion, where one layer after the other is removed.

What are the side effects?

Whenever an emotion is released, the body processes it. In about 20% of the cases the treated persons can feel this. During or after the treatment you may feel tired or very emotional. Possibly, released emotions can come up again. If, for example, anger was released during the session, you may feel this anger in the days following the session. These „echoes“ are usually not as strong as the original released emotion.

Is the improvement permanent?

Emotions once released do not come back. However, it can happen that the symptoms worsen again after an improvement. Usually they should not become as bad as they were before the first treatment. You can compare this again with a new layer of onion that was only exposed after the first layer was removed and can now be released.