Just great!


I have received an emotional treatment from Melanie.

We arranged an appointment and I indicated on which scale the emotion is located (between 1-10). Unfortunately I was working that day and couldn’t see any difference at first, but I asked for a few days to see if certain things still triggered me.

The lines I received, however, were sensational.

They moved me so deeply that tears rolled.


A few days later, I had a trigger situation that usually annoyed me.

Nothing, zero, no reaction.


I am very thankful to Melanie and wish her all the best and love I can think of


Quite a few things released

With you I had the feeling that I was in very good hands from the very beginning. When I told you my topic, you not only released this, but also a lot more before.

After the first session, you were not quite satisfied and you suggested that I make a second appointment.

Even then I was touched, because I would never have expected this from you.

And then came the absolute crazy. When I read your report, I immediately started to cry from my deepest inside! Why? I don’t know, but some things have been released.

One week later I could already note the first successes and I am so infinitely grateful for your time and effort! Thank you!


My name is Robert, I am 48 years old and have been suffering from back pain in the lumbar region for 20 years, despite disc surgery, there was no improvement.

Mrs. Pawlik applied the Emotion and Body Code via remote treatment to me. My back pain (scale: 1-10: 9) has changed into tension within hours (scale: 1-10: 1) Also various trapped emotions, inherited trapped emotions, etc. were released.

My energy level has increased, stress levels have decreased. The treatment was 2 weeks ago and the pain has not come back