The Emotion Code and trapped emotions

The Emotion Code is a method developed by the American Dr Bradley Nelson. It is based on the principle that all living beings consist of energy. In the course of our lives we experience a variety of emotions. These emotions are pure energy. Usually the emotions leave our body again, but sometimes the vibration of an emotion gets stuck in our body. In this case, it will settle in a certain place in our body in the form of an energy ball. We call that a „trapped emotion“. They can arise at any age or even be inherited.

The vibrations of these trapped emotions disturb the balance in our body and can lead to both physical and mental ailments such as pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, etc. According to Dr Bradley Nelson, they are the cause of about 90% of our symptoms. With the Emotion Code, we can find one emotion after another that is stuck in our body and release it immediately.

Treating diseases

In his book „The Emotion Code“, Dr Bradley Nelson lists those diseases in which he has been able to identify trapped emotions as a partial or main cause:

Acid RefluxDiabetesKnee Pain
ADD/ADHDDyslexiaLearning Disabilities
AllergiesEye PainLow Back Pain
Abdominal PainFibromyalgiaLupus
Back PainHeadachesMultiple Sclerosis
Bell’s PalsyHeartburn (GERD)Neck pain
CancerHip PainNight Terrors
Carpal TunnelHypoglycemiaPanic Attacks
Chest PainHypothyroidismParkinson’s disease
Chronic FatigueImpotencyPhobias
Chron’s DiseaseInfertilityShoulder pain
ColitisInsomniaSinus problems
ConstipationIrritable Bowel (IBS)Tennis Elbow
DepressionJoint PainVertigo

The heart-wall

Another discovery by Dr Bradley Nelson is the so-called heart-wall. A heart-wall consists of one or more trapped emotions that the subconscious mind builds around the heart as a protective barrier to prevent emotional injury. Even though this is beneficial at first, a heart-wall can harm us in the long run. Like trapped emotions, It can also lead to physical and mental discomfort. The heart-wall can block the ability to give and receive love, and can cause depression and other problems. It can also block us from being successful. Physical effects of the heart-wall can include chest, neck and shoulder pain. The release of such a heart-wall is also part of the emotion code.

93% of all people have a heart-wall.